My names is Bartosh Polonski.
→ Current role: interactive narrative writer and producer.
→ Co-founder and interactive VR producer @ Gluk Media, an experiential media firm.
→ I love coding, planning and executing interactive systems.

→ I use digital tools to create interactive experiences within context of design, architecture and storytelling.

→ LinkedIn profile:

→ 2020 statement:
From the beginning, I knew exactly what my mission was. I gathered a bunch of video game and film enthusiasts to explore the new genre of narrative-based VR. Even though we come from different fields, we’re all united by a passion for storytelling. VR is an extremely powerful and impactful way to tell a story, but it’s an even more powerful way to experience it, so in a way, it’s a storyteller’s dream. I want the audience to dive into futuristic reality, where family relationships are being compromised by overwhelming technology. I want them to explore and research the balance between family, addiction to technology and work ethic.

If you are interested in collaboration
contact me at: bartas at