Thermal Water Splash

Thermal water splash is interactive plain water painting activity by the Neris river. Installation engaged audience with the city's river and its past. Participants used a pressure washer to "paint" on a white screen. Infrared heat-sensitive camera tracked temperature variations and used projectors to create colourful, glowing patches and patterns in real time. Another application used the same white screen to reveal historic photographs of the city as participants painted the screen with water.
The project came out of experiments painting with plain water by using thermal tracking, image processing and digital projections: http://createdigitalmotion.com/2009/07/too-much-fun-with-themography-and-spitting/

My role: Concept, programming

Engineer: Bogdan Karpovic
Images: Migle Narbutaite, Simas Chomentauskas
Producion company: Gluk Media
Photography: Kestutis Vanagas


January 2011