You will experience VR from main protagonist’s – Kamile’s point of view. She is a wife of a genius inventor Darius. After unsuccessful brain experiments with their son, Darius goes insane and the corporation he created turns against him and his family. In order to protect her son and artificial intelligence prototype in his brain, Kamile needs to take the riskiest decision of the lifetime.

My role: writer, director

Programmer: Dovydas Kaunas
Art Director: Eva Survilaitė
Modelling Ieva Survilaitė, Paul Gesta, Vasil Peychev, Nerijus Čivilis
Producer Laura Almantaitė
Characters, Dialogues Jan Dravnel, Ričardas Kornelijus Rožanskas, Ieva Survilaitė, Agnieszka Polonska, Agnė Kviklienė
Concept art: Vykintas Pakalka, Mantas Bardauskas
Production Company: Gluk Media, UPĖ Media

more info: More info coming soon


September 2018